Oct 19, 2010

I can't stop thinking about food at all!!!

Sindbad thinsg are starting to get ugly!!! LOok at my body! It is so bad because you refuse to eat a nice delicious meal (perhaps you could drive me down to carls junior? make sure it is weelchair accessable.) I think after all of what you've put me throguh, I won't be seeing the tab.

Dec 22, 2007

yo Silas showed me Tumblr and i like it. gonna be posting there.


Mar 5, 2007


Rumblings of beginnings of new elfboyz material! Long-distance, Gel-style! Mixer's in the mail! Look out for a new album in a few years!

Jan 24, 2007

why not

Jan 13, 2007


wow, this game is beautiful

Dec 15, 2006

Look, it seems like a lot of us involved in the Elfboyz community are a bit reluctant to post something that really explains what we're about. I'm talking about something that is like, not PC to the max. Something that says racism all over it. That's where i come in.

willow finallow shew what it were all aboot. If'n i were a midget i would likely parade it around the shire like a mad monk. (rasputin) since i'm putin' my 5 cents in, i would also like to be a couple inches longer. Allakazam!

Dec 14, 2006

Dec 13, 2006


i just had a good idea for a video game: Gigli!

Dec 12, 2006

I see everyone wants to put comics so here is a comic

Dec 9, 2006


oops i did it again

Dec 8, 2006

remember the summer of 2003

A marmaduke xmas

here sure, i'm a blogger too on this blod> Here is a pic.

Expect more marmaduke.

i am working on a cartoon

getting there....

Dec 7, 2006

I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself and man I hope you're watching carson daly now too this is KILLER